Your Cash Register - John Bellamy

Your Cash Register

By John Bellamy I’ve noticed lately that most people I speak with want this to happen (refer pic) without actually taking any action and/or doing any work. In fact just yesterday, I was speaking to my friend and business partner Rossco about this exact thing. We both agree that the marketing funnels we create (whether…

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Technology we use

Tools and Technology that makes my life easier

Here’s a bunch of tools we’re using right now in our business that help us streamline, automate, and become more effective in the way we operate and communicate with the market. These tools range from free up to a couple of hundred dollars a month each.  I hope you gain as much use out of…

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Living Your Dream

Each day that I go for a walk on the beach to clear my head, I seem to always get inspired by what I get to see. Take for instance this photo. It inspires me because it represents the opportunity each and everyone of you have to Live your dream. Whether you’re an employee or…

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As I write this… I’m sitting on a rock overlooking the ocean in Rainbow Bay, Queensland. Right now, I’m thinking to myself – it’s been an amazing week, and I wanted to share with you why. To sum up my week in one word… MOMENTUM! You see, my goal this year is simply this: Dominate…

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Five things…

I was hard at work today (as you can see) creating a new lead funnel… And I thought I would share with you the 5 things required to create your very own mouthwatering lead funnel. So here they are: Beanbag Foot Stool Spotify Laptop Idea You may find this funny or be a little confused…

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It’s Time To Treat Yourself

So what will you do? I often find that most business people I speak with, lack the ability to treat themselves – reward themselves each and every day. One of the things I love most, is the ability to do this. Now, I’m not saying that you need to send yourself on an overseas vacation…

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It’s hard not to get inspired

…with images like this one. So I’ve recently moved to beach, and I have to say, that inspiration is pouring out right now. could of made the move earlier What I’ve found most rewarding though is my daily routine. This has been life changing. Here’s how it breaks down… – Walk/Run/Stairs (mix it up each…

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Lead Funnel Template - John Bellamy 1

How To Build An Automated 15-Minute Call Lead Funnel For Your Business

Making yourself available to your market is critical to your success… …And recently I’ve found that the 15-minute call funnel I’ve been using has been proving quite successful. Not only for me – by getting new opt-ins and clients, but for the clients themselves. Having the opportunity to speak with an expert and ask questions,…

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Credit Card - Online Shopping Image

4 Strategies To Turbo Boost Your Sales in 2014

I believe the premise that in life, some of the most effective things are the simplest ones. In today’s new digital economy, aspiring entrepreneurs, information marketers, and small business professionals spend a big chunk of their time trying to figure out the psyche of their customers – which is great, however for the vast majority,…

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3 Powerful Sales Strategies You Can’t Market Without!

I’m often asked by aspiring entrepreneurs, information marketers, and professionals – how do you go about creating powerful lead and sales strategies that produce results time and time again?  So today I thought I would share with you 3 strategies, I personally use each and everyday. Here they are… 1. Eye-Catching Ads Get Results Just…

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